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Our Values

Successful business owners and companies understand the greatest asset they have is the people who make their company run. Without happy, healthy, focused employees, your business will have continuous ongoing problems. Employee health and wellness is priority for a successful company.

Providing employees with high quality, affordable benefits that promise to protect them in their time of need is important. Working with an experienced, professional consulting firm that understands how to keep your promise will insure your companies runs smoothly. Saucedo Insurance makes sure your promise are kept.

Whats Size Company Are you?

2- 50 Employees

Did you know that small and midsize businesses (less than 100 employees) pay about 18% more on average than large firms for their employee’s insurance benefits? While you have the power to secure benefits coverage directly from a carrier, odds are you don’t have the time to identify, evaluate and sort through a variety of carriers to determine which one can provide the best coverage for your employees.

Whether you are creating your employee benefits package for the first time or in the middle of a renewal and are interested in alternative options, let Saucedo Insurance Benefits Consultants do the heavy lifting for you.  We know providing competitive, affordable plans to your employees is key to your company’s success.

50-100 Employees

This size company is real the bread and butter of our firms.   These companies will now have a dedicated HR department instead of the owner or spouse of the business.  We integrate with your processes with stream line online enrollment and benefit design.   Companies in this phase of growth now have to deal with the mandatory rules of the ACA.  This means that your business must offer health insurance that is deemed affordable by the Affordable Care Act.  Another concern is the possible fines issued by the IRS for failure to comply.  Saucedo Insurance has consultants that can walk you through these complicated issues and keep you updated to any new legislation.

100-200 Employees

Proper plan design leads to a successful plan.  So how does this happen. Simple, asks questions, lots and lots of questions.

The value of large employee benefits plans are defined by those questions and the curiosity that we bring to the table. Only after we leave no leaf unturned through our extensive discovery process, can we begin to negotiate the proper plan with proper carriers.

Once all of the questions have been asked, we craft our recommendations more like a business plan that looks out for the next few years, so it can have a true impact on your business.

Insurance Companies


Our expertise includes group health insurance products, plan administration, advocacy and wellness programs, communication and education strategies, compliance and human resources consulting as well as online technology solutions. We pride ourselves in having one of the most knowledgeable, reliable and skilled staff who strive to help businesses navigate the complex world of employee benefits, along with providing the highest level of support and most cost-effective solutions.

Life ins - Keyman

Life insurance is misunderstood yet has the greatest benefits using leverage. Young families use term insurance for family protection. Keyman and COLI (Corporate Owned Life Insurance) may develop large cash values and tax free income.

Group Health Insurance

Successful businesses understand the importance of Group Health Insurance.  Offering high quality, affordable health insurance is a key benefit companies can do to keep, maintain and retain their employees. Saucedo Insurance are highly skilled brokers to keep design new plans and negotiating with carriers.

HR Consulting

Growing companies struggle with being organized. It is very common for owners of the business wear many different hats, including being the HR department. Must common is to hire outside companies to act as their HR department with HUGH costs. Saucedo Insurance offers free consults to your company to help stream line your department while maintain a compliant business.

Voluntary Benefit

Voluntary Benefits are becoming a valuable component to a well design affordable employee benefits. Using accident-cancer-sickness plans that provide money to help with expenses is critical. With rising deductibles and out of pocket maximums, a well thought out benefit plan that offers vision-dental and access to HSA gives your employees the best opportunity Ito have financial success.

Financial Education

The new movement successful business and companies are moving to is education to employees on plan properly or their future. Understand how to budget, debt control, and emergency planning, how compound interest works are new development in financial education. A healthy growing, profitable company is one with health, prosperous employees.

Technology Tools

Online Enrollment- HR Compliance Tools are the new tools to have to run a cost effective business. As successful business, the enterprise must keep up to date with COBRA law, ACA rulings, ERISA compliance and a host of other laws and rules. Using technology to leverage your time to focus on your growth hat ow become, rtsig. Saucedo Insurance (-3ers tools are sea ess into your business.

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5 Common Mistakes Companies Make with their Group Health Insurance Plans.. and how to Avoid them.

If you work for a small or mid-size company, learn how you can save, in some cases, up to 30% on your group health insurance and benefits.

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